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I have homework. I have started the Writer's Studio but I have also signed up for another course through SFU: Constructive Editing. My main reason for signing up for constructive editing and later, stylistic editing, is because when I hand my book to my editor, I want to hand her the best product possible. By learning to analyze my own prose, I believe I'll become a better writer. 

Spy Girls
I have started creating the artwork for the inside book design. I have included a few of those images in this newsletter. Illustrating shoes and a ring case has been incredibly fun. But, I need more shoes with wicked heels. If you have a pair of wicked heels, and wouldn't mind me illustrating them for the inner book design, let me know.   

JCVArtStudio Podcast

Season 4 of the JCVArtStudio podcast has kicked off. I had M.N. Grenside on the podcast. He is a movie producer. We talked about his debut novel, Fall Out, and how he used his movie-making experience in writing Fall Out. M.N. Grenside references Jack Nicholson in the movie China Town, and in particular the scene when Jack Nicholson is in the cab and he can't light his cigarette. A great example of action depicting character. I have the link to that podcast here.

I also had a great time creating a promotional video for season 4, which I've posted on YouTube and TikTok. Here is the link.

I celebrated my 100th episode with my husband by having a lovely chocolate and caramel cake and a glass of red wine. On my 100th episode I featured Philip Fracassi from L.A. Philip is an author and successful screenwriter. He has had books optioned into screenplays. We had a great discussion about what it is like "being an author". Philip's novel Gothic will be re-released in February. It is a horror novel with human elements and the protagonist is an author. The 100th episode podcast can be found here

Winona Kent and I had a book signing in the Nanaimo Chapters. We had a great time. Winona is the author of the Jason Davey mystery series. I picked up Winona and her book promotor, Bob Harris, at the Departure Bay Ferry terminal. We met interesting people in Chapters and had multiple book sales, and a really good time.  If you would like to check out Winona's novels, they can be found here.

Have a good week everyone. 



Illustrations for

Spy Girls


flick fridayx250

Elyssia is a strong new character in Spy Girls.




Adam gives Jade a ring. It's not what you think. The idea for this ring came to me when I was at the market, and the vendor next to me told me about a specific ring in her inventory.


Have you noticed that the title is Spy Girls.



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