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Anthology LAST SHOTOur LAST SHOT anthology should be up on most eBook retailer sites by June 21st.

Four tales of mystery, murder and suspense

From Alice Bienia comes a story about an aging mystery writer about to be dropped by her publisher, and under pressure from her agent to write something brilliant. When an opportunity presents itself, she must decide how far she’s willing to go to come up with a killer plot.

Dwayne Clayden tells the tale of a rookie cop who puts himself in harm's way as he races to find a missing boy. With a known pedophile on the loose, and mother nature thwarting him at every turn, he begs the universe to keep the boy alive—and for a chance to face the boy’s abductor.

Winona Kent takes us to London, where an out-of-work jazz musician’s priceless Strat is stolen at a rundown nightclub—and the club owner turns up dead. His search for the Strat takes him to an abandoned Underground station, where an employment opportunity presents itself—along with the nightclub owner’s killer.

Peter Kingsmill takes us on a trip up Canada’s famous Trent Severn Canal where a former coastguardsman, and his partner, try to outrace and outwit the bad guys after they discover some unwanted cargo on their newly purchased tour boat.