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Joanna VandervlugtJoanna Vander Vlugt

Crime author Alice Bienia is back! We start the podcast talking about rocks, boulders and snakes, tapping into Alice's previous profession as a Geologist. But soon we are talking about Alice's latest Jorja Knight novel, Knight Vision. I learned that Alice is testing Jorja, putting her in situations where Jorja is weighing fact versus fantasy. Jorja's new client is a clairvoyant, who has "seen" her own murder.

Alice's readers love her books and want to be her heroine's friend. I enjoy reading about Jorja and also want to warn Jorja to "watch her back". Alice talks about the opening hook in that first chapter to using real crimes as inspiration for her novels. From fat freezing to seances and our own movie analysis, Alice and I have a good time, as always. Thank you, Alice for coming into the studio.



 Knight Vision


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